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Voice lessons are popular for students aged 8 and above and are still the best way to cultivate the confidence and stage presence that is so crucial for success as an onstage performer.  Voice students love working with our wonderful voice faculty because they bring out the best with high standards and a direct, nurturing presence.  Taking voice lessons gives students the opportunity to sing a wide variety of music, including classical, broadway, pop, folk, and much more.  Our voice students shine in recital, and find success in solo & ensemble, choirs, variety shows, bands, musicals, and more.



Voice lessons are offered for students ages 8 and up.  We have students start voice in elementary school, middle school, high school, college, adulthood, and retirement!  Voice lessons are perfect for anyone who wants to sing better, connect with their voice, audition for musical theater or school shows, sing in choir or church, write songs, or even just sing better in the shower!  Nothing is more personal and immediate than learning to use your own voice to make music and sing your favorite songs.


Voice lessons are available weekly for 30, 45, or 60 minutes.  We recommend that beginners of all ages start with 30 minute lessons.  Intermediate students may wish to upgrade to 45 minute lessons and advanced students should take 60 minute lessons in order to allow time to cover all of their repertoire and skills.


What are voice lessons like?

With voice you can make beautiful music right away in your first lesson!  Our voice instructors are fun, upbeat, and encouraging. You can expect to sound better, gain confidence, and feel better about yourself from taking voice lessons.  You will learn warm-ups that help extend your range, improve your tone, and open up your voice. You will work on tone production, diction (how to say words in different languages), intonation, phrasing, expression, and much more.  Our voice students typically learn a wide variety of musical styles including classical, folk, rock, religious, pop, broadway, and more. Do you have songs you would like to learn? Your teacher would LOVE to help you do just that! Many singers who want to improve their stage presence find voice lessons invaluable to their sense of confidence and increased success in performances of all kinds.

How much do voice lessons cost?

Weekly 30 minute lessons, recommended for beginners, are $110 per month.

Weekly 45 minute lessons, recommended for intermediate students, are $165 per month.

Weekly 60 minute lessons, recommended for advanced students are $220 per month.

There is a one time registration fee of $35 for each family to get started.


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