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Piano lessons are hands-down our most popular choice.  A wonderful option for all beginning and experienced musicians, piano is the most universal instrument and, in our opinion, should be mastered by everyone.  Whether you have a 5-year old who wants to take their first steps into music, a teenager who wants to refine their musicianship, or an adult who wants to take up a fulfilling hobby, piano lessons are an excellent choice.

About Piano Lessons at Noteworthy Music Studio

Piano instruction is offered as a weekly 30, 45, or 60 minute private lesson. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons are available in a variety of different styles such as classical/traditional, rock, jazz, Christian, and blues. Whatever style of piano you want to learn, our instructors are here to help you and customize a lesson plan for you. 


Piano lessons are offered for students ages 5 and above.  We have students start piano in preschool, elementary school, middle school, high school, college, adulthood, and retirement!  There is no wrong age to start piano. We like to say that no one EVER regrets the piano they know, only the piano they don’t know, so it’s ALWAYS a solid choice, and a good instrument to learn along with another one.  Our piano teachers make learning lively, engaging, fun, and productive.


Piano lessons are available weekly for 30, 45, or 60 minutes.  We recommend that beginners of all ages start with 30 minute lessons.  Intermediate students may wish to upgrade to 45 minute lessons and advanced students should take 60 minute lessons in order to allow time to cover all of their repertoire and skills.


What are piano lessons like?

Beginners first learn the layout of the keyboard and names of the keys.  From there they typically follow excellent method books to learn beginning songs, gradually putting hands together to play music of richness and substance.  Piano students typically learn music theory as part of their lessons, including scales, chords, intervals, and rhythm. Piano is still the best instrument to understand music theory and harmony.  Students who reach basic proficiency are always encouraged to suggest their favorite songs so that they can learn them in their lessons, in addition to whatever their instructor recommends for their continued growth and musical development.

How much do piano lessons cost?

Weekly 30 minute lessons, recommended for beginners, are $110 per month.

Weekly 45 minute lessons, recommended for intermediate students, are $165 per month.

Weekly 60 minute lessons, recommended for advanced students are $220 per month.

There is a one time registration fee of $35 for each family to get started.


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