Our clients say it best! Read testimonials from all of these happy families to find out what makes Noteworthy such a special place to learn music:

My daughter Cheyenne REALLY enjoys her time here. The instructor is very good and she ALWAYS says positive things about him. I would HIGHLY recommend Noteworthy Music Studio!
— Jennifer Ostrowski
Our experience with Noteworthy Music Studio has been GREAT! I did see a change in Shira’s abilities shortly after we started. We know it had much to do with her teacher. She did come so much further than she did with her previous school and instructor. It was wonderful to see her continue to improve and watch her smile as a result. Thanks again!
— Robyn Stubbe
The staff and faculty at Noteworthy Music Studio are SO friendly and welcoming!
— Ellen Brilowski
Emily’s teacher is VERY encouraging, knowledgeable, and cares about her success. She has learned SO MUCH from her lessons!
— Mary Schweiger
We’re so happy we found Noteworthy Music Studio! The programs are terrific, and there are classes that interest ALL of my children.
— Sarah Sopa
Thank you for having my daughter as a part of Noteworthy Music Studio! I am SO happy with the beginning foundation that the piano lessons provided to help her in school music class and with band. Nothing makes me prouder than when I see her playing songs with her teacher accompanying at her school’s Christmas concerts on piano and this just wouldn’t be possible without her lessons through Noteworthy Music Studio. Please know that you helped foster a love and respect for music and she will continue that for her whole life! We appreciate your time and talents and will always recommend Noteworthy Music Studio at any opportunity. Thank you!!!
— Anne Lang
We greatly appreciate your willingness to explore music selections of our daughter’s liking, allowing her to maintain a high level of intrigue while perfecting her skills. Noteworthy Music Studio offers a PERFECT blend of knowledge and skills conveyed with just the right mix of professionalism and fun!
— Thomas Dailing
Our experience at Noteworthy Music Studio could not be better! My son’s teacher is always patient with him and has provided a consistent approach for us to learn guitar.
— Vinaya Vinodu
My son is very happy with his lessons and his once noodling around on the piano is quickly turning into music a little bit more every week. He has never understood the complexities to voice until now, having benefited from the expert guidance of his voice instructor. He LOVES going to his lessons at Noteworthy Music Studio!
— Shari Summers
We are VERY happy at Noteworthy Music Studio. We’re very impressed with the progress our children are making and all the individualized attention they get. The teachers are incredibly dedicated and talented, and it shows. We LOVE the family atmosphere.
— Nina Mairs
We have been so pleased with our voice teacher at Noteworthy Music Studio! She was instrumental in my daughter obtaining a 1 at the regional solo and ensemble this year.
— April Hartjes
Noteworthy Music Studio is SUCH a great place! My daughter Caitlyn loves it here. Very friendly, positive and uplifting. Her teacher makes music very fun - it’s not just drill and practice. Caitlyn leaves enthused and enlightened. Communication is very prompt - all my e-mails are answered so quickly!
— Heidi Leahy
I am grateful for my son Ben’s introduction to music through Noteworthy Music Studio. He has struggled to find something he can get lost in. He has trouble focusing and taking learning seriously. Since beginning guitar lessons he has had something to be passionate about. He looks forward to his weekly lessons because his teacher understands Ben well and takes everything at his pace, all with patience and a sense of humor. Communication with the staff at the Noteworthy Music Studio has been easy and effective in improving Ben’s learning. He has a lifetime of music ahead of him and the faculty and staff of Noteworthy Music Studio opened that door for him.
Once again, thank you :)
— Sarah Oksiuta
I just want to say THANK YOU again for the wonderful music education she has received at Noteworthy Music Studio. We were so happy and impressed with everything she learned while taking lessons with you. It will be extremely difficult to find a school like yours after our upcoming move to Virginia.
— Julianne Bauer
Just sending along a note of gratitude. Your program for practice hours was a big inspiration to my Brooke. She was thrilled to participate and all over the practice hour sheet. I didn’t need to ask her to practice even once. Her hours of practice are evident in her skill on the keys! She sounds fantastic and has gained so much confidence in playing. Amazing what a little practice will do ;) She has blossomed on the piano! SUCH a great incentive. Thank you, and see you Saturday. The girls wouldn’t miss the recital!
— Dee Dee Swiecki
The lessons through Noteworthy Music Studio have been enriching to both of our kids. What a GREAT group of dedicated and talented teachers! Thank you again for supporting their musical education.
— Chris Lemmon
I wish to offer to you a HUGE THANK-YOU to you and your staff for providing Brooke Zdun the great opportunity to study music here. I especially want to give a special thank-you to Aaron & Emily for all the extra efforts you gave with lesson planning, recitals, and of course, Brooke’s senior recital! It was very professional and was a very positive experience for Brooke.

As you know, Brooke is in college now, studying music as her major. Your school has helped her get a great head start in her musical career, and we are ever grateful for this. I will definitely recommend Noteworthy Music Studio to anyone asking about where to go for private lessons. Keep up the great work, and I truly enjoyed working with all of you!
— Patrick Zdun
I have nothing but GREAT things to say about Victoria’s teacher. She has done an exceptional job with her and been so patient!
— Cindy Seif
Thank you for welcoming our daughter Lydia into the Noteworthy Music Studio community! She said she is proud of what she has accomplished having performed on
the last two of your wonderful recitals. We are extremely pleased with how much Lydia has learned from her teacher, Miss Emily. She is a wonderful teacher. Emily has helped Lydia to lay a foundation in music that will help her for years to come!
— Sara Bratcher


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