The story of Noteworthy Music Studio

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In 2006 Heidi (a cellist and singer) and Aaron (a violinist, pianist, and composer), two Central Wisconsin natives passionate about music, music education, and the power it can have in the lives of people of all ages, moved back to Stevens Point to realize their dream of starting a music school that would serve families all over the region. In considering its unique personality and approach to music instruction they knew it would have to have the following characteristics to distinguish it from what was already offered:

  1. Comfortable and Inviting When your at Noteworthy, we want you to feel like part of a family. Every person you talk to, every instructor you work with, even the fellow families who are there with you - all of them are super friendly, caring, and invested in your comfort and success. At Noteworthy Music Studio you will meet warm, friendly people of ALL AGES.

  2. Creative and Inspiring Students and families should always leave their experiences with Noteworthy Music Studio with more energy than they came, and with a bigger vision for what is possible in the future, in terms of music AND life. All the lessons, the attitudes of the people, and the environments are carefully designed to make sure this is always true.

  3. Effective and Exacting And of course at the heart of everything at Noteworthy is excellent music education. Students know that they will be taught by professional instructors with years of experience, a passion for high musical standards, and a deep investment in their success as musicians and people.

Since 2006 these guiding principles have allowed what has become Noteworthy Music Studio to blossom into a beautiful and effective community of music education like no other. We are confident in stating that no other music program in Central Wisconsin can offer an experience with all of those elements so completely balanced.

Does that sound like the kind of community you would like your family to be a part of? We invite you to reach out, ask your friends about Noteworthy, attend one of our awesome recitals, and see for yourself why we are so proud of the unique program we have built.

We believe YOU are Noteworthy too, and we would love to be part of your journey of music, and life!