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Guitar lessons are available for:


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Who doesn't love singing along to a guitar?  If you are interested in a cooler, hipper way to make music, guitar might be the right choice for you.  Our guitar instructors are committed, knowledgeable, and laid-back.  They cultivate a learning environment that is disciplined and quality-focused, yet light and enjoyable.  If that combination appeals to you, the guitar might be the right fit for you.  Available for ages 5 and above.


Guitar lessons are offered for students ages 5 and above!  We have students start guitar in preschool, elementary school, middle school, high school, college, adulthood, and retirement!  Guitar is a fantastic activity for children, and a favorite hobby of many adults. Our guitar teachers make learning fun, cool, low-pressure, and productive.

Guitar lessons are available weekly for 30, 45, or 60 minutes.  We recommend that beginners of all ages start with 30 minute lessons.  Intermediate students may wish to upgrade to 45 minute lessons and advanced students should take 60 minute lessons in order to allow time to cover all of their repertoire and skills.


What are guitar lessons like?

Beginners first learn the best way to hold the guitar, and then begin to understand the strings, frets, fingering, and strumming/picking patterns.  Many beginning students start with method books that introduce both single-line tunes to develop melodic playing, and also chords and strumming patterns to develop rhythmic and harmonic sense.  Chords, scales, and ear-training are ALWAYS a part of guitar study. Students who reach basic proficiency are always encouraged to suggest their favorite songs so that they can learn them in their lessons, in addition to whatever their instructor recommends for their continued growth and musical development.


Do you offer Suzuki guitar?

Yes, in certain locations we have availability with guitar instructors who are trained and proficient in teaching through the world-renowned Suzuki Method of musical instruction.  This method involves the teacher, child, and parent in a productive and nurturing relationship that fosters professional-level performing technique in an encouraging atmosphere. Suzuki instruction is ideal for students as young as 5 or 6, and perhaps even younger.  Are you wondering if Suzuki instruction is a good fit for your family? Give us a call at (715) 252-5052 and we can chat about it!

How much do guitar lessons cost?

Weekly 30 minute lessons, recommended for beginners, are $110 per month.

Weekly 45 minute lessons, recommended for intermediate students, are $165 per month.

Weekly 60 minute lessons, recommended for advanced students are $220 per month.

There is a one time registration fee of $35 for each family to get started.


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