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Call for instructor of Suzuki violin and viola

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  • Are you a born Suzuki violin teacher and music educator?

  • Do you crave the opportunity to join a team of teachers who think like you and thrive as a crucial part of an engaged musical community?

  • Are you a strong communicator and problem solver?

  • Do you think quickly on your feet?

  • Are you bursting with innovation and great new ideas?

  • Do you have an irresistibly positive and nurturing personality?

  • Are you at your best when you are solving problems with all different kinds of people?

  • Do you see music education as a way to take care of people and improve their lives?

  • Are you looking for a long-term commitment with a vibrant music school that is centered around professional and personal growth?


If you love being of service to others through your engaged, impassioned violin teaching and would like the opportunity to join a professional community, we’d like to talk to YOU!


We serve hundreds of students throughout the Central Wisconsin region who are enrolled in our programs.  Our goal is to take excellent care of each and every one of them and WOW them with amazing music education, strong personal relationships, and deep community connection.  We are looking for a dynamic, effective and passionate instructor of violin with superb teaching and organizational skills who shines as the string playing expert in our community.  The ideal candidate is someone who works well under pressure, is detail-oriented, patient with others, loving, teaches firmly but with tact and grace, and who happily and confidently takes ownership to see student progress and development through from beginning to end for the students’ entire tenure with us.



  • Provide top-quality instruction on the violin (and any other instruments in which you are an expert) to students of all ages in weekly private and group settings at all of our locations in Central Wisconsin.

  • Instruct at any and all summer camp, festivals and related extracurricular events

  • Attend all school concerts and recitals in which your students participate

  • Actively participate in faculty meetings to continually innovate and grow school programs and environment

  • Participate in 2 annual faculty retreats for personal and professional growth and development

  • Organize outreach opportunities in the community for your studio

  • Actively pursue and engage in recruitment activities in the community

  • Contribute content to our monthly newsletter that is fun, engaging and informative without being overly academic



To be successful in this position you must thrive as an independent and self-driven member of a dynamic team and have:

  • A bachelor’s degree in music performance and/or education

  • Suzuki training through at least Book 4

  • Exemplary skills on the violin and/or viola

  • 5 years of private lesson teaching experience on the violin post undergraduate graduation

  • A strong sense of personal responsibility and self-direction

  • Evidence of applied innovation to improve outreach, retention, curriculum, studio culture/community, etc.

  • The ability to work equally well as an independent professional and a team player

  • A strong belief in and mastery of Suzuki pedagogy and philosophy, with the understanding that other methods may actually be better for certain students


Our hiring philosophy…

We aim to be the most inclusive and effective music education center in our region.  In order to realize this vision it is essential that 100% of our team members believe as strongly as we do in the power of music education and its potential to transform the lives in our care.  Any signs of entitlement and “not my problem” or “not my job” just don’t fly with us. We love working together and growing with “all hands on deck.”


If you fit the following essential skills and characteristics, chances are you’ll fit well into our organization:

  • Perpetual positive, helpful, “can-do” attitude and enthusiasm

  • Reliable and dependable

  • Energetic, eager, proactive

  • Strong organizational skills

  • Extremely flexible

  • Ability to take direction well and work independently

  • Maintain a strong positive and personal presence in the school community, supporting your students as well as others

  • Constant drive for personal and professional improvement

  • Values clear, effective communication and responsive when reached

  • Passion for excellence

  • Strong communication skills (written and verbal, including grammar, punctuation, spelling)


To apply...

E-mail the following items to office@becomenoteworthy:

  1. CV

  2. 3 references

  3. A written statement of your teaching philosophy and how it figures into your work and studio

  4. An “about me” video in which you tell us about yourself


We look forward to hearing from you!