Violin Lessons

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Few sounds are more enchanting or captivating than the sweet sound of a violin played beautifully.  For disciplined and ambitious students, ages 5 and up, who seek to master this classic instrument and find success in school orchestra, solo and ensemble, or the next recital, few endeavors are more rewarding than making your violin sing with gorgeous tone for audiences, friends and family.  Ask today if the violin is right for you.

About Violin and Viola Lessons at Noteworthy Music Studio

Violin and Viola instruction is offered as a weekly 30, 45, or 60 minute private lesson for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. Our teachers use a combination of Suzuki, String Method, and other traditional methods.  If you want to augment your child's school orchestra training, private lessons are crucial to further develop the specific skills needed to rise above the crowd. Whatever your goals are, our strings teachers are here to help you and personalize a lesson plan for you.

Set up for Success

All violin and viola lessons focus on developing good posture, holding position, intonation, bow control and technique, sound production, scales, and more. Students are encouraged to bring any recordings of their favorite pieces, or to let their teacher know what they might want to learn to play. Our instructors specialize in developing students to play not only solo music, but also better prepare them for school orchestra auditions. 


All students at Noteworthy Music Studio have the opportunity to perform in student recitals held 4 times a year, free of charge to friends and family. We can also help arrange other special performances in nursing homes, charity events, and dining venues. 

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