Voice Lessons


Voice lessons are popular for students aged 8 and above and are still the best way to cultivate the confidence and stage presence that is so crucial for success as an onstage performer.  Voice students love working with our wonderful voice faculty because they bring out the best with high standards and a direct, nurturing presence.  Taking voice lessons gives students the opportunity to sing a wide variety of music, including classical, broadway, pop, folk, and much more.  Our voice students shine in recital, and find success in solo & ensemble, choirs, variety shows, bands, musicals, and more.


Vocal instruction is offered as a weekly 30, 45, or 60 minute private lesson. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons are available in a variety of different styles such as broadway, pop, jazz, christian, disney, and classical. Whatever your goals are, our voice teachers are here to help you and customize a lesson plan for you. 


All voice lessons focus on developing vocal range, pitch, tone production, breath control, enunciation, ear training, stage presence, and more.  All lessons include warmup exercises to improve breath control and to avoid damaging the vocal chords. All students are encouraged to bring any recordings of their favorite songs, or to let their teacher know what song they want to sing. 


Before the age of 12, the vocal chords have not yet fully matured. Our instructors take great care to focus on repertoire that is fun and enjoyable while still nurturing to the developing voice. These songs may include children's songs, Disney songs, and pop songs.

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