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If you want to learn an amazing instrument and join Noteworthy's most tightly-knit musical community, the cello is for you.  Like the violin, but with a richer, deeper, more soulful sound, there are few sights more inspiring than watching an accomplished cellist in action.  Cello lessons are available for students as young as 5.  Upon joining the cello studio at Noteworthy you will find yourself connected to a network of caring, supportive students and families, all focused on each others' growth.  Through private lessons and group classes you will become the best version of yourself in the Noteworthy cello studio.

About Cello Lessons at Noteworthy Music Studio

Cello lessons are offered for students ages 5 and up.  We have students start cello in preschool, elementary school, middle school, high school, college, adulthood, and retirement!  Cello is the perfect choice for families who want an instrument that is classic and traditional, but also a little quirky and off the beaten path.  The cello is a great way to plug into classical music, but in a way that is just a little offbeat and different!

Cello lessons are recommended for all students who are playing cello in school orchestra.  Orchestra teachers LOVE their students who take private lessons for the example they set in class, and the leadership they are able to provide for the rest of the ensemble.

Cello lessons are available weekly for 30, 45, or 60 minutes.  We recommend that beginners of all ages start with 30 minute lessons.  Intermediate students may wish to upgrade to 45 minute lessons and advanced students should take 60 minute lessons in order to allow time to cover all of their repertoire and skills.


What are cello lessons like?

The fact is that cello has a steeper learning curve than piano, guitar, or voice.  With guitar, piano, or voice, students can make a wonderful sound almost immediately, with a little help from the teacher.  But everyone knows that it’s very easy to make a scratchy, unpleasant tone on the cello. The reason is that the body must be trained to work WITH the cello, and not AGAINST it.  It is crucial that the beginning violinist learn correct posture and physical technique; if this is done diligently, the violinist will create beautiful tone and, if not, the tone will be harsh and unpleasant.  Because of this it is not uncommon for cello students to take lessons for weeks (or even months depending on their age) before they put the bow on the strings, but we promise it’s worth it! Once basic posture and tone production are mastered, cello students begin to play simple songs from any of a variety of methods books.  Within a few months the songs will increase in complexity and the violinist will be off on their wonderful musical journey!


Do you offer Suzuki cello?

Yes, in certain locations we have availability with cello instructors who are trained and proficient in teaching through the world-renowned Suzuki Method of musical instruction.  This method involves the teacher, child, and parent in a productive and nurturing relationship that fosters professional-level performing technique in an encouraging atmosphere. Suzuki instruction is ideal for students as young as 5 or 6, and perhaps even younger.  Are you wondering if Suzuki instruction is a good fit for your family? Give us a call at (715) 252-5052 and we can chat about it!


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